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At Door to Door Health, we’re reinventing the delivery of primary healthcare for people with chronic conditions – especially for individuals in low income households or living with disabilities. We have the ability to manage chronic conditions more efficiently to keep people healthier and costs under control.

We invented the PAL™ care delivery model; delivering primary medical care at the patient location (home, work, rehab, SNF, assisted living home, group home, etc.) supported by a team of nurse practitioners, physicians, behavioral therapists and community service partners. The PAL care model consists of a combination of onsite visits, telehealth interactions and digital education, remote monitoring of data from internet-connected devices at the patient location and "Medicare for All" affordable, transparent pricing.

PAL reduces missed appointments and hospital readmissions. We ensure transitions of care get direct patient interaction within 48 hours. With onsite patient visits, telehealth follow up, and real time data monitoring our care providers ensure patients adhere to their care plan, stay on their medications, educate caregivers on care plan requirements, and bring in outside social service agencies to address economic and environmental barriers. PAL keeps patients healthier at home longer and with dignity, and reduces costs to the patient and the healthcare system overall.

An integral part of the PAL care model is to address affordability. Door to Door Health offers the first-of-its kind "Medicare for All" pricing that guarantees Medicare prices for uninsured and under-insured individuals/families and self-insured organizations. We also offer an affordable monthly membership plan (starting at $50 per month) for unlimited primary care services.

Our healthcare system sits at one of the major intersections of economic and environmental sustainability. If we don't provide access to care to those who need it most and get costs under control, it will undermine all other efforts to prepare our country for the future we face.